White wine tasting package

White wine tasting package

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In this tasting package we have combined five white wines and one Crémant. You can expect a Crémant Pinot Brut, Pinot Gris Gutswein, Käsleberg Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris Ölberg, Steinbuck Pinot Gris and a Rosenkranz Pinot Blanc. The whole thing is available for you at a reduced trial price!


1 bottle each (0.75 l)

  • 2019er Kiechlingsberger Ölberg 1er Lage Pinot Gris dry (alc. 13% vol.) Wine description
  • 2019 Grauburgunder estate wine (alcohol 12.5%)
  • 2018 Crémant Pinot Brut (alc. 13%)
  • 2019 Bischoffinger Rosenkranz 1 layer Pinot Blanc dry (Alk. 13.5% vol.) Wine description
  • 2019 Oberrotweiler Käsleberg Weissburgunder Kabinett dry (alc. 12.5%)
  • 2019er Bischoffinger Steinbuck Pinot Gris dry 1er Lage (Alk. 13.5% vol)

Each of the wines contains sulphites